Some people say: Migrating to the cloud is easy. Just “Lift and Shift” from the existing data center”. Unfortunately, most of them using this approach misspell “Lift and Shift” by omitting the letter “f”, the second “f”, and hence the result.


One day, 2 cooks had an argument. One said “my secret recipe is so good that it can turn any ingredient into a great dish“. The other cook disagreed and said “my fresh ingredients are more important since those are what a person actually eats…

Soon after the argument started, they both realized neither of them are correct as both good ingredient with a matching recipe are critical for a delicious meal. Also, some recipes only work well for certain ingredients.

So What? It’s a science as well as an art to make a perfect dish. Same in AI, a magnificent result always comes from a unique data sets with a harmonizing algorithm, inseparably.

And we, we are the A.Iron Chef.


Why are there so many apps out there but people only use a handful? What is the secret of a successful app? A robust app + human-centered design! We help our client to develop app that is functional, and engaging!